LHIMA Bylaws Vote

The LHIMA Board has completed a review of our current set of bylaws. Please follow the links to review the current LHIMA Bylaws and compare them to the recommended amended version.

The LHIMA Board requests your review and will offer a motion to adopt the amended bylaws in its entirety during an online vote, on June 3 – 6, 2024, and request a vote to adopt the amended bylaws immediately. As required in our current LHIMA Bylaws, this is your official notice to review and comment and to participate in the online voting beginning June 3, 2024. Approval will require a minimum of three percent of LHIMA Professional Members to cast votes and a two-thirds majority in favor of the proposed amendment.

Please note all formatting and dates of certification will be rectified if the amended bylaws are approved on June 6, 2024.

To vote, please click the button below.  You will be required to enter your AHIMA ID.

If you need technical assistance, please contact us.