Annually, LHIMA recognizes the outstanding accomplishments of members in the following 3 areas:

  • Distinguished Member
  • Career Achievement
  • Outstanding Volunteer

Take this opportunity to honor those in our field that have influenced your career and made contributions to the improvement of our state association and the career of Health Information Management.

Nominations will be accepted from the LHIMA membership and will then be voted on by LHIMA BOD.

The deadline to nominate is January 31st.

Award Criteria

Distinguished Member Award

Danielle D. Thompson, RHIA
2024 Distinguished Member Award Recipient

The LHIMA Distinguished Member Award has been established to recognize a member of the LHIMA who has made continued outstanding contributions to the profession and professional association.

Past or present member of LHIMA for at least five (5) years
Exemplifies the professional image of the Association

The nominee should have participated in, contributed to, or accomplished one or more of the following:

  • Served as an officer, director, council/committee member or chairman, or other position while contributing above and beyond what is expected
  • Conducted presentations at local, state, regional, national, or international workshops, seminars, meetings, or conferences
  • Served as an instructor in an academic program as adjunct faculty, guest lecturer, or clinical supervisor
  • Published written material to benefit or promote the profession
  • Recognized by other related organizations for contributions to the health care industry

— Past Distinguished Member Award Recipients

YearAward Recipient
1986Jean Daily, RHIA
1987Ernie Barriffee, RHIA
1990Lou Davidson, RHIA
1991Carol Venable, RHIA
1992Thelma Massarini, RHIA
1993Julie Duty, RHIA
1995Mariella Twiggs, RHIA
1996Dovie Brady, RHIA
1997Anita Hazelwood, RHIA
1998Elaine Jouette, RHIA
2000Mathilda Cory, RHIA
2001Helen Baxter, RHIA
2003Toni Cade, RHIA
2004Beverly Wallace, RHIA
2005Angela Kennedy, RHIA
2006Nancy Crawford, RHIA
2007Jan Fuller, RHIA
2008Shelly Kirkland, RHIA
2009Danielle Berthelot, RHIA
2011Linda Donahue, RHIT
2015Kim Theodos, JD, MS, RHIA
2017Suzonne Bourque, RHIA, CCS, CCDS
2018Jennifer Perez, RHIA
2019Michelle Martin, MEd, MBA, RHIA, FAHIMA
2020Kristy Courville
2021Sharon McGee, RHIA
2022Laura Douresseaux Collins, RHIA, CHPS
2023Wendy Huval, RHIA
2024Danielle D. Thompson, RHIA

Career Achievement Award

The LHIMA Career Achievement Award has been established to recognize a member of the LHIMA who has made an outstanding contribution to the professional association by developing or refining a practice theory, demonstrating leadership in education, or professional advancement.

The nominee should have participated in, contributed to, or accomplished one or more of the following:

  • Development or refinement of a theory or technique in a specific area
  • Promotion to upper management.
  • Educational advancement.
  • Professional advancement in a non-traditional setting.

— Past Career Achievement Award Recipients

YearAward Recipient
2004Missy Lacour
2006Wendy Chestnut
2007Michelle Martin
2008Mariela Twiggs
2009Stacy Collins
2010Annette Price
2012Kim Newlen
2013Pam Childress
2016Jennifer Artigue, RHIT, CCS
2017Anita Hazelwood, Ed.D., RHIA, FAHIMA
2020Lisa Delhomme
2021Stephanie Risner, RHIA, HIM

Outstanding Volunteer Award

Ashley Brinkman, RHIA, CCS
2024 Outstanding Volunteer Award Recipient

The LHIMA Outstanding Volunteer Award has been established to recognize leaders who have made significant volunteer contributions on behalf of the profession in local, state, or national activities.

This award can be given to more than one individual.

— Past Outstanding Volunteer Award Recipients

YearAward Recipient
2003Danielle Berthelot
2004Toni Cade
2005Michelle Martin
2006Christine LeFleur
2007Annette Price & Danielle Berthelot
2008Alane Madden & Kim Theodos
2009Toni Cade
2010Melissa Norris
2012Jennifer Artigue
2013Shelly Kirkland
2015Denice Stelly, RHIA
2016Suzonne Bourque, RHIA, CCS, CCDS
2018Anita Hazelwood, Ed.D, RHIA, FAHIMA & Robert Garrie, MPA, RHIA
2019Nancy Jarzyna, RHIA
2020Kimberly McDonald
2021Charisse Emmer, RHIA
2022Indra Osi, RHIA, CHP
2023Marissa Lajaunie, MBA, RHIA
2024Ashley Brinkman, RHIA, CCS