Elected Positions

Please take a moment to nominate someone for the LHIMA Board of Directors. We are looking for individuals to run for the following elected positions: President-Elect and Secretary-Treasurer. Take a look at the LHIMA Policies and Procedures for position job descriptions.

Looking for a Great New Job?

Now that I have your attention, let me tell you how to find that great new job through volunteering. Volunteers are the backbone of the success of the Louisiana Health Information Management Association and the regional health information management associations in the state. Today, most of us are too busy to take time for ourselves, much less volunteer for our professional association.

When you are looking for that new opportunity or need help with a difficult situation at work, whom do you call? You call your network of friends for advice and/or help. That network can be expanded through volunteering for your professional association.

Still not convinced? The regional associations are responsible for providing low-cost continuing educational workshops for their regions to our membership. How many times have we heard a peer complain about an issue? Stop complaining and volunteer to help make tomorrow a better future for our profession. Get out from behind that desk and find out what is new and exciting in your chosen professional career. Even if you can’t chair a project, still take time to be on a committee, every little bit counts and helps make our association the success that it is!