New Members

The Louisiana Health Information Management Association (LHIMA) welcomes all new members, and we wish to provide resources to best connect you to our state association and member districts.  The tools on this page should provide more information on the biggest topics of interest.

If we can ever be of assistance, please reach out to us at 504-584-4010 or

Welcome from the President

State Component Districts

LHIMA is divided into several active state component districts, which have frequent meetings for networking and continuing education.  Please view the video below to learn more, or select from the menu above to find your district.


LHIMA awards both undergraduate and graduate scholarships each year to support deserving students going into the HIM field.


When you are looking for that new opportunity or need help with a difficult situation at work, whom do you call? You call your network of friends for advice and/or help. That network can be expanded through volunteering for your professional association.  Even if you can’t chair a project, still take time to be on a committee, every little bit counts and helps make our association the success that it is!


How do I become a member of LHIMA?

If you would like to become a member of LHIMA, you will first have to join as a member of our national organization AHIMA (American Health Information Management Association). You can find out more information about joining AHIMA at

Once you are a member of AHIMA, go to You will log in with your AHIMA membership number and the assigned password. The first letter of your password will be capitalized if using the default AHIMA password (your last name), otherwise it will be entered just as it was when setting up your profile. Click on “My Profile/Dues Renewal”. There is a field labeled State Association. That is where you will need to select Louisiana to be sure you are a part of our state association.

How do I receive updates and notices from LHIMA?

Go to and log in to the main “My AHIMA.” Click on “My Profile/Dues Renewal.” Go to the “My Communication Preferences” tab. You will see many options. Under the CSA (Component State Association) selections heading select Yes or No for contact by e-mail, faxes, postal mailings, or phone, or fax. They all default to “No” for each AHIMA member so you have to change certain ones to “Yes” to get those communications.

Why does my password no longer work for the AHIMA website?

Remember: Your password is now CASE SENSITIVE so if you are using the default password, the first letter will be capitalized. Your initial password for the AHIMA website is your last name or if you have gotten married recently…it would be your maiden name. The password will be just as it is entered in your profile if it has been changed from the initial password. If you still cannot gain access, please click on the “I Forgot My Password” link on the main AHIMA page (

Who do I contact if I have problems with the AHIMA website or the AHIMA Access?

If you have a technical issue with the AHIMA website, you can send an e-mail to for assistance or visit AHIMA Contact Us & FAQ to get simple tips on how to use

How do I go about finding a mentor?

The student is responsible for selecting a mentor. It is advisable to select a mentor in the area of study that you would like to go into for the HIM Industry.

The Student Mentor Program was established in 2003 to give AHIMA students a method to get assistance from qualified HIM professionals. There is a Mentor contact list on the Student Community of Practice on the AHIMA website under Community Resources. Each mentor should have a phone number and e-mail address listed so that a student may contact them for assistance. There is also a small description of each member and their area of expertise so you can make a more specific selection in the HIM professional you would like to work with.

You should get a response from an AHIMA mentor within 3 business days. However, keep in mind, these are busy HIM professionals and their responsibilities might not allow them to respond to your request right away. If the person you chose has not responded within a week, choose another person on the list. The AHIMA mentor begins responsibilities on September 1st of each year and their “term” goes to September 1st of the next year. The mentor can continue to help students for as long as they would like to do so.

If you have any questions about a mentor or would like to volunteer to become a mentor through AHIMA, send an e-mail to to get more information. If you can not find an “official” mentor through AHIMA to meet your needs or you would like assistance from someone locally, you can contact the Central Officer Coordinator at

How do I run for an AHIMA position?

To run for an AHIMA elected position or to nominate someone else, you must complete the online Call for Volunteers Application. To be considered to serve, you must complete the application. The deadline for AHIMA elected positions and nomination forms is in January. The deadline for volunteer committees is in October.

How do I register to volunteer at AHIMA?

Click on the Volunteer Link on the AHIMA web page and fill out the form. You will be contacted.